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Kolos-Digital — promoting to IPO and beyond!

Join the team that promotes projects aimed at the U.S. and Europe!


Great experience


Young team!


Flexible schedule


Salary 2 times
a month

  • seo label

    SEO specialist

    3+ years experience

    knowledge search console & google analytics

    audit competitive sites: content & links

    ability to create a semantic core & tags

    create site structure and plan internal link building

    knowledge of keywords intent & ranking factors in search

    understand html & css

    site audit and seo-optimization

    create tasks for textwriters & designers & web developers

    promo content in external sites & crowd platforms

    arrange for guest posts & external links

    submits link building - catalogs & maps & etc

    english - B1 Intermediate with translator

  • seo label

    Junior SEO

    course graduate

    ability to create a semantic core & tags

    knowledge of ranking factors in search

    understand html & css

    site audit

    create tasks for textwriters

    promo content in external sites & crowd platforms

    submits link building - catalogs & maps & etc

    english - B1 Intermediate with translator

  • person

    Team-lead / Project-manager

    5 / 2 years experience

    seo & ppc 5+ years experience

    project-manager 2+ years experience in seo or web-development

    experience create & make digital strategy for B2B and Ecommerce

    correspondence & negotiations experience with top management & marketers & editors

    experience in building and maintaining team communications

    employee training experience

    english - B2/C1

  • link


    1+ year experience

    html & css

    URL submit experience

    crowds and guest links

    english - B1 Intermediate

  • design layout


    3+ years experience

    good-quality portfolio

    Figma, Photoshop knowledge

    3+ years of experience in visual design in Internet, advertising companies

    English - B1 Intermediate

  • person with laptop

    Web developer

    3+ years experience



    Github etc

    Programming languages - PHP, JS, HTML&CSS, etc.

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We are developing many projects, so we always have interesting jobs in different areas: advertising, marketing, sales, web development, etc. Become a part of Kolos team!


  • What it's like to work at Kolos-Digital?

    Is to promote cool projects, becoming part of their team while staying at your lovely laptop at home ;)

  • What kind of mindset are we?

    First of all, it's a vibe of freedom!
    Secondly, it is responsibility!

  • Do you only have a remote work format?

    Yes, the work format is only remote, so we only fit people who are willing to work that way.

  • Do we take candidates without work experience?

    Yes, but only in the field of Internet marketing, we only take designers and programmers with portfolios.
    We have a junior position in SEO, where we take beginners after training.

  • Is there an opportunity for career advancement?

    We are interested in the development of competencies of employees, so we welcome the desire to increase their area of responsibility and to realize themselves in new directions. Our company provides opportunities for both vertical (from specialist to manager) and horizontal (professional) growth.

  • What is the work schedule?

    We have a standard five-day work week, which means that we do not work on weekends; this also applies to national holidays. But there are situations where, in order to meet deadlines, we have to work on weekends as well.
    The working hours may vary, but you have to adhere to the agreements and deadlines!

  • How is my salary calculated and paid?

    Experienced specialists work at an hourly rate. Payment is made 2 times a month according to the submitted reports. Junior - initially work on the deal, after determining the effectiveness for them is set hourly rate.

  • How to prepare for a job interview?

    Send your resume, think about what you can say about yourself and what attracts you to the chosen job. Show your interest, ask questions, be persistent - doors open to those who knock. Good luck!